About Us

Our goal
To provide a learning experience in a children's museum in New Jersey that's fun and exciting for children, parents, teachers and group leaders. A perfect children's field trip.


Learn through play
At Imagine That!!!, a NJ children's museum, our children are encouraged to touch, discover, learn and explore in our 16,000 square foot hands-on museum featuring over 50 unique exhibits. At Imagine That!!! kids "Learn through play" in a safe environment where they can use their imaginations and have fun exploring and discovering unique and interesting exhibits -- and learning at the same time during the children's field trip. The exhibits are specifically designed to stimulate the child's imagination and intellect.


Dedicated staff
Trained staff members are on hand to explain activities and exhibits and to guide visitors through different areas of interest.


More than 75,000 children and 30,000 adults visit us each year.


About our mascot
In December 2008, Imagine That!!! held a contest to name our mascot, the cartoon owl who hoots on the home page of this website. We received a bunch of entries with many great names, but there could only be one winner. The staff of Imagine That!!! sifted through the entries and made the official announcement on Jan. 1, 2009. The winner, four-year-old Charisse, named Ollie the Owl!